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Le saviez-vous? "À une passante" de Charles Baudelaire


1)  How does Baudelaire describe beauty in the poem?

  • majestic
  • fleeting
  • passing
  • eternal

2)  What was the name of the section Baudelaire added to the collection?

  • Les Passantes parisiennes
  • Les Tableaux parisiens
  • Les Bourgeois parisiens
  • Les Peintures parisiennes

3)  Why did Baudelaire republish "Les Fleurs du Mal"?

  • because it was very popular
  • because it was censored the first time
  • because he added more poems to it
  • because it was highly criticized

4)  The poem is based on a real encounter Baudelaire had.

  • true
  • false

5)  How is the passerby dressed?

  • in blue
  • in mourning
  • majestically
  • plainly